Monday, June 15, 2015

Losing vet tech and cat sitter

OK... so I lost my favorite vet in the world (though I did find her on Facebook so I was still able to personally tell her thank you for all she has ever done for my two kitties).  I had to call up to the new vet and leave a message so he would review my cat's records and see when he wanted glucose readings.  He said like every 3-4 months!!  That seems like a long long time but I guess he thinks they are regulated.

Now that I have lost my favorite veterinarian, I am now losing my favorite vet tech!  I went in one time looking to get some boarding set up at the clinic and my old vet told me some of the girls at the clinic will come to my house and watch my cats.  This was extremely nice of her ... especially since it causes the vet clinic to lose money.  I was a little nervous at first... I didn't really know the girl and I was allowing her into my house while I was out of town.  She could've easily robbed me, so be warned.. I am not recommending that this is something you do.  She came over and watched them.  Eventually... she and I became friends outside the vet office/pet sitting.  She is now moving at the end of this month.  Such a bummer.  I had been using my friends as sitters for years but that just became more and more difficult.  I like just being able to pay someone to sit the cats and let it be more a business transaction.

I am supposed to switch to another vet tech.  One I have met quite a few times and she is friends with the girl who is moving away.  So I trust her... though it's always nerve wracking at first.  It isn't much cheaper then boarding them at the vet office (which is cats only) but cats are always more comfortable at home. 

For me finding a petsitter is like finding a babysitter !  Hard to find someone trustworthy.  I'll miss my old cat sitter who sat the cats for the last time this past weekend.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Finding and losing a good vet

All these years ever since my cats have been diagnosed with diabetes and everything else that is wrong with them... I found an amazing vet clinic.  It's cats only which is even better.  Yes there are some things that annoy me, like the fact that the techs and the veterinarian won't touch my cat Merry when I bring him in because he gets all vocal and loud and kind of aggressive so so they always think he is going to attack them. I have to handle him when I go in.  They don't even touch him usually.   But otherwise my vet has gone above an beyond for my cats.  Giving me donated meds, even doing some appointments for free to just check the cats out.  When I first started going to the clinic the veterinarian was fresh out of school.  She was joining the family business to take over for her uncle so that he could retire.  I would say she's been there now for like 3 years maybe a little longer.  Today I found out she was fired. So sad. I only know this because I became friends with one of the vet techs there who actually comes to my house and takes care of the cats when I go out of town.  Apparently the uncle had been unhappy with her for a while and was unable to retire.  The vet wasn't handling the business side very well or something. It is a sad day for me.  I am sure the vet will go back to the state she is from... though I wish she would go to another clinic so I could follow her there. I don't even know how I would find out though what clinic she ends up at. I wish I could let her know somehow how much I appreciate what she has done for my cats. Gone out of her way to research what's wrong with Merry.  Looked for alternative meds to help him out.  It's just sad that behind the scenes can make a vet just go away.  The uncle veterinarian I have only seen once when I first started going there and didn't really like him that one time.  I remember him berating me about the insulin I was giving and I was new to cats with diabetes.  So we'll see how the care goes from here.  It is sad though.. I mean my old vet even was going to come personally to my home to put my cats to sleep when it was time.  I am pretty sure the new vet would never do anything like that. Just a sad day all around.