Sunday, December 29, 2013


Well.... surprisingly things are going well here.  Thought I would let you know... we tried a few different meds on Pippin and they seem to be working.  Merry even dropped down a unit on his insulin!!  So he is doing really well.  I am quite pleased with the cats.  Merry has puked a couple times this week and he never does... but I am hoping that it's nothing.  Usually it's Pippin's puke I am cleaning. Merry also decided to pee for me today.. I put him in a box since he loves them and he got so excited he just peed.  The joys of diabetic cats.. they just can't hold it in!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Not much longer....

So Pippin had a little episode of puke last night.  He couldn't hold his food down this morning either.  I called the vet and told them there was just no way I could have another $1000 day and that we keep going in and doing tests to only find out that his pancreas isn't doing good.. and same old same old.  She told me to bring him in and that she would do an ultra sound for free to see how he is doing inside.  When I called today I also told her we would probably have to put him to sleep.  I picked him up this evening and turns out that of course his pancreas is still bad and has a lot of scaring in it.  The gallbladder still has sludge in it too.  The only organ that doesn't have any issues right now is the liver.. which will probably eventually will be going soon.  This is called Triaditis

So we talked about what is next.  She said there is really nothing left to do, the pancreas will not get better but can be managed.  We are going to try that route... so Pippin will get a steroid twice a day, and nausea meds twice a day along with his insulin.  She did say if this doesn't work we'll have to put him down.  I asked about them putting him down after hours.. but they said for some clients they will come to your house and do it.  Since we have been long time clients they will come to my house, I am quite happy about this. 

Having a good vet even if they are pricey can really been a good decision in your pet's life.  Today all the procedures and medicine I was sent up with were all free.  That isn't something you get if you don't have a relationship with your vet.  Even if you have a healthy cat be sure to do their check-ups and teeth cleanings and get to know your vet.


EDIT:  It is now February 18th, 2014 and Pippin is doing really well.  The mix of pills has turned his pancreas around.  He takes a steroid, 1/2 nausea pill, and his diabetes medicine everyday.