Monday, September 30, 2013


All is ok over here.  Merry is now on both the Prozinc and the vetsulin and still taking the Glipizide with it.  No changes with his Acromegaly either.  Pippin just got over another bought of Pancreatitis. This time my vet did put him on steroids despite him having diabetes. The nsaid just wasn't getting rid of it. He was on it everyday for about 4 weeks.  We tried to just give it to him everyday for 1 week but that didn't get rid of it so we needed to put him on it a little bit longer. He has been off of it for about two weeks and we did have to increase his Prozinc does to 4 units (plus his glipizide) but that should go back down once the steroids are out of his system.

My vet did tell me about a clinical insulin trail out of CSU Fort Collins for Merry.  It was listed as especially for cats with Acromegaly.  She asked me if I was interested.  It would all be free.. the insulin, the tests. I thought about it and thought it might be a good thing to try to get his glucose readings down.  Then I found out that this study would have placebos and he might just get one.  There is no way Merry can go without insulin with his glucose readings being between 300-400.  So she and I decided this wouldn't be a very good study for him. 

I don't know what to expect for Merry the next year with the Acromegaly.  This month I have had both my cats for 10 years.  I adopted them from a petsmart at the same time way back then... and I don't regret a thing!!