Saturday, November 15, 2014

November is Pet Diabetic Month

November is Pet Diabetes Month. Diabetes in cats can be managed with proper diet, blood glucose checks and regular insulin injections at home.  If your cat has diabetes, or you suspect has diabetes, you can check out the AAFP's website for additional information.  

 American Association of Feline Practitioners

It is quite easy to manage diabetes but not cheap. We recently started a new drug on my cat Merry called Pioglitazone.  This drug replaces glipizide for him.  It has been amazing.  Brought down his insulin from 7 Prozinc units and 5 Vetsulin units to 3 Prozinc and 2 Vetsulin.  So glad my vet continues to do research for my cats and discovers new drugs.  After Thanksgiving we will probably try this medication on Pippin too.  The only thing that is no fun about it is right after starting it you have to do constant Glucose checks to make sure they don't bottom out or that the Glucose is too high.  I would recommend giving this drug a try.

Last month Merry's eyes did dilate differently one morning.  For no reason.  I called the vet and took him in right away.  By that time his eyes has dilated normally.  We suspect that the Acromegaly tumor moved around.  The vet told me that if it happened again he would probably have to be put down because the tumor may have moved up against nerves.  His eyes have been normal ever since!  So maybe the tumor moved a little but is now back to where it is fine.  Phew!  That was scary.  

So far things with the cats have been going well.  With winter here they mostly sleep.  Be sure to get your cats checked if you suspect diabetes.