Sunday, February 10, 2013

Wet Food VS Dry Food

I have no idea what or why... but now Pippin is back to eating his dry food.  Which is good because it is cheaper and then he can get the prescription diabetic cat food.  I think once he is feeling better then he eats normally.  The hardest part for me with diabetic cats is feeding times.  These cats are so used to free feeding that trying to feed them only three times a day is almost impossible.  They cry, fight, stare at me, everything they can to get food.  It is the worst at night when trying to sleep.  But I do my best. 

The other hard issue with cat is finding someone to give them a shot if you want to go and do something.  The other night was practically impossible to find someone to come over since we wanted to go out to the city for the night.  My advice... teach as many people as you can how to give shots so that when you are in a crunch you can find someone to help you out. 

This website has a good picture of testing your cat's glucose reading with the ear.. and giving a cat a simple shot:
Cat Diabetes