Sunday, June 1, 2014

Arthritis in Cats

Everything has been going really good with the cats... which is why there has been a lack in posting.  I will say we have a hard time going on trips.  We recently went on vacation and had someone lined up to watch the cats and give them shots and they bailed two days before we left so we had to scramble to find someone else to come over two times a day and give shots.  We always pay people to watch them since they are hard to take care of.  Pippin is now on 7 units of Prozinc, 1 Glipizide, 1 steroid in the morning and 1/4 Cerinia at night.  Merry is on 6 units of Prozinc, 4 units of Vetsulin 1 glipizide pill.

I have noticed Merry has been limping a lot lately on his back left leg. I am pretty sure he has full blown arthritis now.  I googled it, and it seems that there are a few ways to help this starting with medicine.  Sigh... even more meds.  It said either a NSAID or steroid depending on how bad it is.  I am sure my vet will want to see him first before prescribing anything so there is $50 for that.  I am going to give him this week and see if stays the same/gets better or wise.  Hoping it goes away.  So we'll see.  I really don't want this to be the reason he dies.  I had a golden retriever growing up and eventually we had to put him down because his hips gave out from arthritis.  So sad. So here's hoping. Since Merry is overweight from all his other issues this makes his chances of having arthritis worse.

Any advice for someone with a cat with arthritis?