Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Diabetes is back!!

Well everything with Pippin was going so well... then the last 3 weeks he hasn't been eating very well.  Snubbing his food again.. biting a little bit and then spitting pieces out.  We tried wet food and he kinda ate that as well.  Took him back to the vet who did another teeth cleaning.  There were no teeth to be pulled.  So there really is nothing wrong with his jaw.  So I took him back to the vet today who ran a bunch of blood panels and his glucose is 426.  Ughhh..  so we are back to giving him insulin.  2 units in the morning and 2 units at night.  Merry (my other cat with diabetes) is getting a little better.  His insulin numbers have really dropped.   So now the vet has us giving him 6 units of insulin and mixing his diabetic food with Pippin's food (which is Purina One Indoor Cats).  We will do another glucose curve on Merry this weekend. 

 (Pippin at vet)

I said before I would show pictures of the glucose reader... and never did it... so I am doing it right now.  I will say that I bought the reader at the vet because I was in a hurry to get Merry better.  But now I would shop around for one to find a better price.  Also I would recommend people to get a good vet even if they are pricey if your cat has diabetes.  My vet is expensive for the visits but when I do the glucose curves on the weekend and call in with the numbers on Monday they always tell me what to change the insulin to for free.  So that is nice.