Sunday, May 22, 2016

Homemade Cat Box

So you may have read on my previous post that Merry has arthritis and it's getting advanced.  So he does have a harder time getting up and down stairs to use the litter box and was even having a few accidents.  I knew I needed to move a litter box up into the living room but really hated the idea because litter gets everywhere.  One night my husband went out in the garage and created a box he had seen online.  I wanted to wait and post about it after we sanded it and painted it but we still haven't got around to that so ... I'll post what it looks like now.  It's still pretty.. but I would like it to be painted white.

It's easy to clean out and really makes a big difference for Merry going to the bathroom.  He hasn't had an accident since we built it.  I had Merry on only a narcotic (torbegesie) for his arthritis but since it's getting worse I asked the vet to try something different.  He is now on Metacam and was also on Tramadol for pain (Tramadol comes in little tubes and you wipe it in their ears).  Well, turns out that now Tramadol is under control from the FDA so I have to get a prescription and take it to a pharmacy?  That doesn't totally make sense to me because isn't a vet office technically also a pharmacy for pets?  Anyways... it wasn't really working so I was just about to switch him back to Torbegesie.  So when I went to the vet and asked to switch apparently Torbegesie has been on back order for 6 months.  I was like... what are cats getting for pain then if neither one of these meds are available at the vet and they just kind of shrugged.  Annoying.  A new vet takes over the practice tomorrow (see previous posts).  I am kind of excited about it because maybe they will be able to help me get Merry on something better for the pain.

I had to find another cat sitter.  Sigh.  The second one I found is now moving.  So the third one is also from my vet office (this is my third vet tech who will be a cat sitter). I am really comfortable having them sit my cats incase something bad happens. My other cat Pippin has been doing really well.  We did just do a glucose curve and he was a little high so we upped his Prozinc 2 units.  It's scary though since he had that major drop in glucose last summer.

If you ever wonder how to make a cat box like this for your little box be sure to check out Pinterest.  They have a lot of ideas.

Edit:  We added another entryway for us to be able to clean the litter.  It makes a big difference to not have to take everything off of the top every time we scoop.  I tried to get an up-close shot of the hinges being used. Now I just need to paint this thing!