Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Diabetic Cat Food

Merry is up to 8 units of insulin now.  I am hoping he doesn't go up anymore since it's $100 a vile!  I purchased a glucose reader from the new vet and we do a glucose curve on Merry every two weeks.  This is where we poke his little ear and see what his readings are for his blood glucose.  We do this 6 times once every two hours.  Then we'll call the vet with the results and they will let us know whether or not to up or down the dosage.  This weekend is curve time so I plan on taking a few pictures and doing a post about it.  Merry is also on diabetic food now.  $50 for a big bag!!  Yuck.  He and Pippin cannot eat the same food so the only good thing that came out of the $50 bag is that it forces me to put them on a diet since their food can't sit out.  It seems that the food is bringing down his glucose reading... since they were quite high!  Be on the lookout for the glucose curve post this weekend!