Saturday, August 2, 2014


Hello!  I haven't updated in a while since things have been going well.  We went on a vacation recently which is always hard when you have a diabetic cat (or cats in my case).  Really it has come to the point where asking friends is a hassle. After my cats having diabetes for two years asking for a favor to have people come over has really just run it's course.  No one wants to do it anymore.  Maybe if my parents or sibling lived here it would be different since they are family, but we only have friends who live around us.  So then we had to go on the hunt to actually hire someone (though we did offer friends the same amount of money it would cost to board them).  Luckily we were able to find someone at our vet who also goes to people's homes to take are of their cats.

What is really great about this is that the vet allows this.  It's not actually through the vet at all, they have their own boarding in the building.  But they do allow the workers to tell people they would come to their house.  So nice. I really prefer keeping the cats at the house. AND since she works for the vet if anything bad happened or the cats looked sick she could either ask my vet or take them up to the vet. It wasn't cheap but I had piece of mind.

Then.. the night we got back, I completely forgot to give them shots.  I couldn't believe it.  The only reason why I even realized it was because the next morning my husband woke me up to ask what time they got their shots and I couldn't remember.  It dawned on me because I couldn't remember giving it to them.  Being on vacation 8 days I guess will do that.  I forgot to also set my alarm on my phone for the shots.  I felt terrible. I know they probably didn't feel good at all. Luckily, there were no seizures or deaths. Which is what I was afraid of. 

Soooo.. needless to say everything is back to normal.  Curves have been coming out good.  We will do another one next weekend.  Pippin is on 7 units Prozinc, 5mg Glipizide twice a day, 1 steroid in the evening. Merry is on 6 units of Prozinc, 4 units of Vetsulin, 5 mg Glipizide twice a day.

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