Thursday, November 7, 2013

10 years... adopt your pets!

This month I have had my two kitties for TEN years!  I adopted them both from a no-kill shelter called No More Homeless pets in Utah in 2003.  Merry was already 3 1/3 and Pippin was 6 months.  I almost didn't get two cats but my mom was there with me and when I went to adopt Pippin my mom was like "he needs a friend"!  The guy working there told me he and Merry got a long so that is how Merry came home also.

I did learn one thing that I would like to share.  When adopting a microchipped animal, which mine were, MAKE SURE THE AGENCY CHANGES THE ADDRESS!  I turned in a piece of paper with my address and they were supposed to change it for me.  I just assumed they did.  Then years and years later when we moved I called the microchip company to change it and they said I had to pay like $100 a cat to change it because it wasn't a change of address but a change of owner now.  (The company told me they are still registered under No More Homeless Pets).

I tried to call the agency that I adopted my cats from who of course by now had changed names they are now Best Friends Animal Society... no one would email me back or call me.  Hell I was even willing to pay the $15 fee (that was included in my $165 fee that I had paid to adopt both of them) to simply change the address (I need them to do it though) 10 years later I still have all the adoption paperwork too, so I could prove I adopted them from this agency (which I did say on the messages I left them).  So in the end .. I don't have $200 to switch owners for the microchip.  I think the cats suffer because this adoption agency won't step up and help me.  I know that it is a non-profit so I was willing to do what I could on my end, I just need them to call since they are technically the "owners". I mean... if they get lost does this agency still have the paperwork with who adopted them?  I doubt it. So please if you adopt your pet and it is microchipped included check with the company of the chip to make sure the address is updated. 

Don't Shop, Adopt!!

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