Thursday, October 17, 2013

Gallbladder and Pancreatitis

Another day, another problem.  My cat Pippin was so sick last night.  Lots of throwing up... this throw up was even the color of blood and stunk really really bad.  It was Nasty!  Poor guy... I stayed up with him in the bathroom most of the night till it settled down.  I called the vet first thing in the morning and brought him up there.  I knew it was going to be his pancreas again.

I walked out of the vet today with a $900 bill!!!  WHAT!  I was not expecting that.  I mean .. WHAT!  So the vet did two blood tests... one is the normal panel and I guess the other one was to check the pancreas.  Then it was all this meds... and a urine test and a $50 vet visit charge.  And then they did an ultra sound since there was blood in the vomit.  Turns out that the gallbladder has some gunk in it which we discovered with a ultra sound. So Pippin now has to take Denosyl to help him out. 

Today sucked as far as money that is for sure.  Pippin is now on a steroid for life.  Which isn't great for cats with diabetes because now we will probably have to up his insulin (3 units of Prozinc).  He will be taking a narcotic for 5 days, nausea pills for 5 days, novifit, his insulin meds, and his steroid.  The cost of today's visit was a tough one.  Now we also know we will have to spend an additional $30 a month on steroid pills for Pippin.    Just a tough day all around.  Though I am glad we figured out his gallbladder isn't well and have time to correct it.

For those of you wondering whether or not to get a pet... remember they aren't cheap!

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