Saturday, August 10, 2013

Acromegaly in Cats

New update on cats.  Pippin has Pancreatitis again.  Last time he had it we put him on a NSAID because typically you don't put a diabetic on a steroid which is the normal way to treat Pancreatitis. Since it has come back (symptoms are throwing up bile a lot) the vet has now gone ahead and put him on steroids.  We first tried it one everyday for 7 days and then every other day after that for about 20 days, but when we started the steroid every other day he began puking again. So after taking him back to the vet she decided to go ahead and give him a steroid pill everyday for 30 days.  This may make Pippin a full diabetic though since right now he is borderline. I think that if you are a diabetic and you take steroids that makes your glucose levels go up since it releases sugar in your system (though you will have to check the facts on this).

 Medicines, food,  and Medicine schedule

So now for Merry's news.  He has always had to take a large amount of insulin.  He is on 8 units and a Glipizide pill (5mg). My vet asked me to come in and do a few tests.  As I understand.. when a cat's insulin is that high they are insulin intolerant so there are a few tests to do.   After looking at a few things it turns out Merry has Acromegaly.  This is where there is a tumor of the pituitary gland in the brain.  One of the signs of this is uncontrolled diabetes. So I suppose I am lucky my vet was watching for these signs.  There are two treatments, one is radiation.  I have chosen to not do this.  I think this is too hard on a cat and they don't even understand what is happening.  The vet said the radiation only shrinks the tumor and it usually comes back in about 8 months anyways.  The other option is to give him another insulin.   Which I have chosen to do.  I am not sure the name of it yet.. they had to order it and I pick it up next week.  She did tell me that after a cat has been diagnosed with Acromegaly that they typically will live 14-22 months more.  I am very sad about this.  I can only do my best to provide him a great and comfortable life.  More updates soon.  Here is my Merry!


  1. Please let me know which drug it is that your cat was given. My cat came out with a high factor for having acromegaly. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Hello. My cat gets vetsulin for his acromegaly. We seem to be having a lot of success on it.