Thursday, July 18, 2013

Clump litter with diabetic cats= NO!!

So as you know with diabetic cats they pee a lot.  We deiced to try out clump litter thinking that it would make a difference in their litter. We would be able to simply scoop out the pee and keep the litter box a little cleaner.  What a nightmare!  They pee so much and so heavily that it is like straight concrete in the box.  It is like digging out hard chunks of litter.  It takes like 15 minutes to just scoop the boxes each day because now the urine is like a paste that is just stuck to the edges in the box.  It's very very hard.  Plus.. since a diabetic cat pees so much you scoop out a lot and so they I am constantly added litter everyday too.  Plus clump litter is expensive.  $12 almost for the bucket you see above.  We tried this for about a month and it was a lot more work then I thought.  So now we are back to the regular Tidy Cats litter.  Much easier to just scoop that out then to use this clump litter.  Hoping this helps someone out there who is wondering what type of litter to use with their diabetic kitty.

EDIT:  9/30/13  My husband loves the clump litter for their diabetes!  So we do use it actually.  He is the one though who scoops out the box everyday because I think that stuff sucks.. but he loves it!

Edit: 5/22/16  Still using the clump litter.  I have come to really like it for the litter... it just took time to adjust.  I would recommend it now with all the pee that diabetic cats do.


  1. We are beginning to wonder if our Bruiser is diabetic. We took him in, neutered, got him shots, etc. back in 2006/07. Now he is what we call our "Butter Ball" . We "free feed" our 3 kids cuz its easier. Honestly. lolz. He has been pretty healthy, fleas or ear mites here and there, but thats it. Well, we notice his water intake has tripled! His food intake too, but it seems he may be losing a little weight. His breath has a strange odor too. Not bad, but different. He pee's, not a lot, but a lot comes out when he does pee.
    He's about 10 years old now. We let him have monitored outside time and he will have bursts of running around, climbing, eating grass, trying to fight the young tomcats that wander through, etc. He regresses in age it seems, and his energy is sky high. Its sweet. Nice to see him get exercise too.
    In doors he guards the food/water bowls, sleeps, pee's, has little spurts of energy.
    We are going to take him to get checked we dont want to do him a disservice.

  2. Just so you know there are two ways for the vet to check for diabetes. They can check through blood work, but they can also check through a urine sample. Which I think is cheaper. It may also be even cheaper if they let you collect the urine yourself. You put your kitty in a room with a litter box with popcorn seeds in it (the cat will still use it) and then the vet provides you with a syringe to draw up the urine and then you take it in to be diagnosed. Hope this helps!