Saturday, July 7, 2012

Green Machine

If you have cats with diabetes and liver problems... a green machine will be your pal. 

So Pippin has now puked twice in the past two days.  It is the food he has eaten and yellow.  The color of bile.  This stuff can REALLY stain.  So after he pukes I wait a little while and then get some wet food back in him.  The green machine can really help with urine too.  We hadn't realized until it was way too late that the cats were peeing in our guest bedroom.  ughhh it was awful!  We had to tear up the carpet/carpet pad and then paint Kilz onto the floor to lock in the odor and then go to Lowes buy some carpet pad and then luckily we had some carpet left to match the carpet we had to tear up.  I swear these cats could've ONLY peed in there for a week.  But I guess with cats who knows?  There was no stain on the floor but the smell was so bad we had to get that carpet out.  There was nothing the green machine could do for this!!

What I discovered:
Pulled up the pad and carpet:

Cut out patterns:

Painted the floor with Kilz (water based so it's easier to clean up)
Stapled down new pad and carpet:

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